Four Weddings and a Fiasco: The Wedding Switch by author Sharon Kleve

Publication Date: August 23, Publisher: Kindle Worlds 51 Pages

Publication Date:
August 23,
Kindle Worlds
51 Pages

The Wedding Switch is about a young woman who thanks to her mother’s marital habits has become a pro at wedding planning.  You would think this would scare her off marriage but it hasn’t. She has her own business and is quite successful and dreams of her own wedding.  With her boyfriend proposing this may be her chance to have that dream wedding.  But Abby knows something isn’t right but she can’t decide what it is.

Derrick is a businessman and a ladies man.  He never has had any intentions of settling down until a promotion at works means he has to be married. Abby is the perfect wife material to land the promotion so he asks her to marry him but needs it done before the end of August.  Of course he is attentive and the perfect boyfriend until she agrees, then he shows his insincerity.  When Abby seems to drag her feet he decides she needs to be pushed, by hiring Hunter to pose as an engaged man whose fiancée is unavailable and he needs Abby’s help.  Derrick wants Hunter to get Abby to plan a wedding as if it were his own and then make it happen.  And of course he explains this all to Hunter at a restaurant as he flirts with the waitress!

Abby and Hunter are drawn to each other from the first, yet how can they do anything about it when they are both supposed to be engaged?  Abby begins to question if she and Derrick truly love each other and should be married and if yes why is she so drawn to Hunter.  Hunter wants Abby but he is stuck in this lie Derrick created.

Abby is confused yet she looks at her engagement ring and wonders if she is doing the right thing. She even lost her ring in the sink and wasn’t truly upset by that.  I don’t know too many ladies who are in love with their man who would not be upset and freakin out!  That should be a pretty blatant clue especially for someone who has watched her Mother marry numerous times.

Hunter can’t stand Derrick’s games and decides he has had enough of playing along. Derrick in ass and Abby deserves better.  Yay a real man steps up!  Time to save Abby from disaster..

What a triangle and mess!  What will Abby and Hunter do about their attraction? Will Derrick and Abby marry so he gets the promotion?

A fun, quick read in which the main and secondary characters each gave much to the overall story.

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