Vexed by a Viscount- An All’s Fair In Love Novella by author Erin Knightley

Publication Date: August 11, 2015 Publisher: Night Shift Publishing 112 Pages

Publication Date:
August 11, 2015
Night Shift Publishing
112 Pages

Prudence Landon is stuck!  I mean stuck!  She has been the most dutiful daughter and always bent to her parents’ wishes, but this one takes the cake!  Her father accepted the local squire’s marriage offer and being the dutiful daughter she also accepted but the man is at least twice her age and let’s face it the guy is a creep.

Determined to live her life before she must become the dutiful wife instead of the dutiful daughter, Prudence creates her own form of a bucket list.  This is her chance of a little rebellion to live as she wants and go against everyone else’s wishes including those nasty little rules set be society.  While indulging in the first of her list, she is caught swimming naked in a rather questionable pool of water.  Trying to maintain her calm while unknown water creatures are rubbing against her, she faces her neighbor, Lord Ashby and his amusement.  Can things get any worse for Prudence?  Now she has to figure out a way to shut Lord Ashby up before he tells anyone what she was doing.

When they meet again that night for dinner, Lord Ashby is shocked to learn of Prudence’s upcoming marriage.  While having a moment alone, Prudence explains her list and Lord Ashby is more than happy to help her achieve each item and even add to it.  As partners in crime, Lord Ashby and Prudence can’t help but develop feelings for one another….of course they are just friends as each of them is betrothed to others.

When Squire Jeffries uses his time alone to express his own desires to Prudence let’s just say the creepiness comes out.  Yuck!  Can you imagine being a young women and having an old man tell you how he has a seamstress that understands what he likes in the lingerie department?  Or better yet how he is going to teach you about the wedding night and that he has particular tastes?  When Prudence attempts to dislodge herself from the squire she is hurt, which rouses anger in Lord Ashby but her ever selfish and narrow-minded parents think she should not be so dramatic and allow the squire his wishes.  Ok this part made me mad!  I know that the time period of the story people did look the other way for abuse, and for the sake of the story the parents were written in that way, but in story or life hiding abuse is sickening to me.  Alright, I am done with the rant.

Lord Ashby leaves without a goodbye to Prudence.  While she is alone she realizes that she doesn’t want to live like this anymore and finally stands up for herself. Good girl, about time!  She calls off the wedding and stands her ground against the threats from the squire and her parent’s attitudes.  So what people, you sold your daughter and she no longer wants to be your pawn.  Get over it!

Lord Ashby returns to find slightly drunk Prudence who delivers the news of her calling off the wedding. Nothing could make him happier.  When he shares that he also has called off his own betrothal, Prudence is shocked but delighted and in her drunken state and his amusement they share their feelings for one another.  **sigh** Of course a happily ever after happens for these two characters.

This book was provided by Netgalley for an honest review.  I haven’t read the other three books in this series, although my opinion would be they are just as good as this one.  I was delighted with the story and its humor, rebellious antics and how the characters to came together.  Having only 112 pages it is a quick and enjoyable read.

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