Cyber Genius (Family Genius Mysteries Book 3) by Patricia Rice

Publication Date: September 29, 2015 Publisher: Book View Cafe 252 Pages

Publication Date:
September 29, 2015
Book View Cafe
252 Pages

Anastasia Devlin is the oldest in a unique, intelligent, trouble magnetic brood of siblings.  She once ran from the overwhelming responsibility of caring for her siblings, but not anymore.  Now she is determined that they will have chances she didn’t and that they will have as normal of lives that they can.

Anastasia, or Ana, has learned like her brothers and sisters the art of spying and hiding from their Mother.  Using these skills she must help her brother, Tudor, who is one the run after one of his programs sets off a chain of cyber problems quickly moving toward chaos.   With government agencies, the rich and famous, and of course really bad guys chasing them, Ana and Tudor must call upon their family and Graham for help.

Mayhem and madness seem to follow these siblings with Ana ever present as the leader. Murder, insider trading, poison, spies all come together in this cyber mystery as they race to find out who is behind the plot. It doesn’t take long to discover their nemesis Top Hat and Senator Rose are somehow mixed up in the conspiracy.  Will Ana take them down this time?

Graham is their resident hermit spy who comes to their aid.  Ana and Graham share a mutual attraction with a hefty dose of sarcasm between them.  With his own secrets in the balance, Graham is still a mystery that Ana plans to unveil.

With family, Graham, Mallard, and an assorted group of new friends Ana will stop at nothing to save her brother from the evil men pursing him.  Will she find the culprit before it is too late and can she do it before calling in the big guns….Mom.

This is the first book in the Cyber series by Patricia Rice that I have read. I found it very intriguing and very different from the style of her books I have read.  Even though there is a sexual undercurrent between Ana and Graham, the sex scenes are limited and do not over take the story.  Because I haven’t read the first two books in the series, there was some background I was missing. Even though this existed, I don’t believe it interfered with my understanding the story for this book.  I really enjoy this idea of one woman who has so many kids from different fathers and each of those kids have amazing abilities.  I plan to continue reading this series and going back to read the first two books already written.

I received this book from Patricia Rice in exchange for an honest review.

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