Forbidden: Never After Dark Book 1 by author: Elle Thorne

Publication Date: July 5, 2015 Publisher: Barbed Borders Press 105 Pages

Publication Date:
July 5, 2015
Barbed Borders Press
105 Pages

Destiny. Fate.  Do they really exist for all of us or just a select few?  Jax Vasquez, and Rafe Tiero are about to discover their destiny and how it has been spiraling toward each other since they were teens.

Jax doesn’t have the best relationship with her parents and tries very hard to separate herself from them, even to the point of moving to another country.  Since she was 13, Jax has had dreams of a white tiger with piercing blue eyes.  She has felt comforted and safe when dreaming of the tiger, emotions she doesn’t feel with anyone else. Jax’s parents have mocked and humiliated her over the tiger dreams, the tiger tattoo she got, and the fact she sought a psychics help. But Jax knows there is something to the tiger and she knows someday the answers will come.

When Jax moves to Italy for her education, her life continues as it has.  She can look forward to long school hours, an insensitive boyfriend and avoiding her parents demeaning comments.  Then she meets Rafe who makes her feel things but can’t figure out why. When her parents decide on an impromptu visit, Jax enlists Rafe in a scheme to pretend they are a couple.  Rafe agrees to Jax’s plan but with his agreement comes with a catch. When Jax finds out what it will be and what it will cost her, what will she do?

Rafe is a white tiger shifter with a few secrets of his own. Rafe is infatuated with his half-brother’s mate.  His tiger doesn’t feel the same, but Rafe wanted her and then lost her to his brother Vax.  When Vax and Callie arrive in Italy, Rafe leaves the villa to avoid them.  He never imagined he would find Jax in a small café and she would not only intrigue him but his tiger as well.  When she asks that he pretend to be her boyfriend, Rafe agrees but only if she agrees to be his for the weekend around his family.

When Jax’s parents mention her Tiger tattoo, Rafe is caught off guard.  When he finally hears the story of her White Tiger dreams, Rafe decides it is time to show Jax his secret place and how destiny has played into their being together.

When the truth of Rafe’s family and her dreams collide will Rafe convince Jax that she is meant to be his mate forever or will the truth be too much for her to endure?  Will Rafe’s family keep them apart? What is the destiny their pasts have brought them to face?

A recommended short read with characters you will instantly love. The first in a series you are bound to want to read through. Enjoy the shifters that Elle Thorne has created that began in the Never After Dark and continue in this spin off series, Always After Dark.

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