The Blue Jeans Gospel: Experiencing a Real and Comfortable Relationship with Jesus by author Rob Cruver

Publication Date: September 8, 2015 Publisher: River Grove Books  85 pages

Publication Date:
September 8, 2015
River Grove Books
85 pages

Have you ever had to work through something that you just didn’t get no matter how you tried?  Then someone shows you a new way of looking at it and all of a sudden it makes sense?  That is how I felt when I read The Blue Jeans Gospel…it all clicked into place.

Rob Cruver explains in detail and with Biblical examples of what God expects from us and how this will bring us closer to having a more comfortable relationship with God….just as you are when wearing a comfortable pair of blue jeans.    Mr. Cruver breaks down God’s expectations into two areas of life.  First he explains how to live by living as Jesus lived.  Second, he discusses how to serve and have a servant’s heart just as Jesus did.

Rob Cruver breaks down each of these sections in such a clear way that areas that were personally vague for me were broken open with understanding shining through.  I was particularly focused on his discussion on forgiveness and what exactly that act is.  Forgiveness has been described to me in so many different ways I was reeling with the understanding of it. If you forgive did it mean you had to act as if the hurt and pain caused no longer exists? So if you are devastated by the actions of someone and they say they are sorry and you respond with they are forgiven, what happens to that pain? Once you forgive is that the end of the situation?  In The Blue Jeans Gospel, Rob Cruver shows how forgiveness truly works and how it will not only affect the one offering the forgiveness but the one who is asking for it. The amazing clarity this author gave me into this area of confusion will forever be treasured.

How we live, and I mean what we want to feel and project to others, speaks about our character.  Rob Cruver explains how to show ourselves as living our lives according to the example set by Jesus.  Love. Forgiveness. Humility.  Living our lives with these three characteristics as our foundation we will live and grow closer in our relationship with God as HE has asked us.  God’s wishes for us do not end with these three, but continues with living a life of a servant. God asks that we serve HIM and others with love.  The Blue Jeans Gospel is a unique way of looking and understanding what God wants from us.  There will be times as Rob Cruver points out that we will not be comfortable and those jeans will not feel right, but we need to continue wearing and stretching those uncomfortable jeans.

I recommend this book to anyone who is searching for a closer relationship with God and understanding what HE wants us to do.  Rob Cruver has written a book that will open the eyes of many who have had misunderstandings that have kept them from becoming more like Jesus.

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review which was my pleasure to provide.

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