Free Today…..Daughters of the Dagger Prequel (Daughters of the Dagger Series) Kindle Edition by author Elizabeth Rose


Amazon’s discription…..

Prequel to the Daughters of the Dagger Series

(See book trailer on author’s amazon author page or website)

Mirabelle de Burgh is desperate to give her husband an heir. She’s heard of the superstition that to buy a jeweled dagger from a blind old hag would ensure her of conceiving a child. One child for each dagger bought.

The old hag she hunts down has many jeweled daggers, but Mirabelle has limited coins and wants many children. Her greed gets her in trouble and she finds herself in a predicament which causes many circumstances in her life to change.

Four jeweled daggers and four daughters, each with a story, and a surprise later in life that none of them would ever suspect, in Daughters of the Dagger. Ruby – Book 1; Sapphire – Book 2; Amber – Book 3; Amethyst – Book 4. Followed by Onyx – Book 1, MadMan MacKeefe Series.

Prequel approximately 8,000 words.
Excerpts included at end of prequel.


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