Get Ready……..Coming Soon!….. To Love and To Cherish: Switched At Marriage #7 by author Gina Robinson

Publication Date: September 23, 2015

Publication Date:
September 23, 2015

The final installment of Justin and Kayla! When we last seen Justin and Kayla, several things were  happening…..Kayla told Justin she was pregnant; Justin was still jealous of Lazar; the blackmailer was still being  sought and Opie was acting suspiciously like Kayla.

Justin is thrilled with the pregnancy and wants to show Kayla how much, but confusion sets in when a text comes through on Kayla’s phone that makes it seem as if she got pregnant on purpose.  Not sure what to think about this, he is shocked even more to find Kayla in Lazar’s arms.  Anger takes over and Justin leaves Kayla. With new information about the blackmailer he heads to Reno while having his attorney serve Kayla with early divorce papers.

Kayla is heartbroken that Justin left her but plans to fight for him by continuing their plans for his birthday.  When Kayla finds out that Opie has manipulated Justin and is going to Reno to be with him, she doesn’t stand for it.  For Kayla, Justin is her man and NO ONE is going to take him from her.  Kayla arrives in time to see Opie trying to seduce her husband.  Hell has no fury like a woman fighting for her man!  In an explosive confrontation that deserves a standing ovation, Kayla defends and saves Justin.

When Justin is hospitalized, Kayla returns to Seattle leaving the fate of their marriage in Justin’s hands.  Will Justin find understanding and return to Kayla, their child and their new found love?  Or will he decide he has had enough and continue with the divorce?

The end is here, don’t you want to read and find out what happens? Gina Robinson has created this wonderful storyline that has to be read entirely.  Great story and great characters that you will fall immediately for.

I still love the use of the cake toppers to fit the storyline.  I found this a unique and fun addition to the story.

Received an ARC copied for an honest review.


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