Burnt: A Devil’s Spawn MC Novel by author Natasha Thomas

Pubication Date: January 28, 2015 Publisher: Natasha Thomas 284 Pages

Pubication Date:
January 28, 2015
Natasha Thomas
284 Pages

Amazon Link:  http://amzn.to/1WN9UEJ

Are you a Sons of Anarchy fan?  If yes, you will love this series.  Ms. Thomas in her first Devil’s Spawn Novel, Burnt draws you into the world of bikers and the MC world.  A world where men are alphas and living tough is your only way of life.  And if you happen to be one of their women, you better be tough as well because there is no living behind rose colored glasses.

Kendall Jacobs is the daughter of the Devil’s Spawn president. She has grown up surrounded by these men and considers them her family.  She knows they will protect her as if she were their own.  She lost her heart to Declan Marks the son of her father’s right hand.  She thought they would marry and even named their kids.  Declan was her soul.

Declan always loved Kendall and knew she was his one, then a stupid mistakes forces him to marry another for the sake of his daughter.  With that decision Declan destroys Kendall and himself in the process.  Living around each other but never having the same relationship slowly kills each one of them.

Kendall moves forward with her life.  She becomes a gifted tattoo artist and puts on a front that she is happy with her life.  While Declan lives in misery married to the mother of his daughter while watching Kendall with other men.

When it finally appears that Kendall and Declan can be together, Kendall is kidnapped.  For months she is tortured by someone who destroyed her life years before and wants her dead now.  Living through this will take everything inside of Kendall.  She prays she can make it.  Declan searches for Kendall hoping he will find her alive.

One thing I wished had  more focus was the  editing.  I picked up several lines where there was extra words that didn’t fit the sentence as if the author started a line, erased it but not fully and started a new line of thought.

Read, Burnt: A Devil’s Spawn MC Novel, to find out if Kendall lives, who is responsible and what happens to the MC’s.  If you liked watching SOA you will not put this book down.



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