A Radical Arrangement by author: Jane Ashford

Publication Date: August 4, 2015 Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

Publication Date:
                        August 4, 2015
               Sourcebooks Casablanca

Jane Ashford brings us a historical romance where two people are brought together by how society views the classes.  She weaves within the story the living conditions within those classes as well as the varying conditions seen within the same class.  She explores the views of the upper class and the lack of true help to those in need.

Sir Justin Keighley is considered a radical and by Margaret’s parents completely improper to associate with their daughter.  Justin seeks out the poor and unemployed in order to learn what they need and then fight for them with improving laws that would better their lives. His father and mother have taught him to challenge narrow minded people and ideas instead of just accepting.

Margaret Mayfield has been brought to do everything her parents say.  She agrees with their views on laws, social functions and even on whom she should marry.  She has been trained to have no thoughts of her own or to challenge anyone else’s ideas.  Sir Justin Keighley shocks Margaret and makes her fearful of his slightest move.

During a dinner party, Justin and Margaret find themselves in a position that is in actuality innocent, but not having a thought of her own; Margaret believes it to be something else entirely.  Demands are made for Justin to wed Margaret but he refuses leaving Mr. and Mrs. Mayfield to claim their daughter ruined.  Her fiancé leaves her as she is now unacceptable to marry due to the rumors that would surround her. When anger seizes her, Margaret runs away. Mrs. Mayfield manipulates Justin into following her.

When an accident occurs, Margaret is forced to think rely on herself and save Justin.  Justin and Margaret are brought together where they learn about each other and in some ways learn more about themselves. Justin teaches Margaret about the impoverished people around them and how they need help in more ways than the upper class has done.

Mr. Mayfield finds Margaret and Justin in a compromising position once again and demands marriage.  Again Justin refuses.  Margaret is forced home but the Mayfield’s find that the daughter that has returned is not the same as the one who ran away.

Margaret learns that Justin has been hurt and wants to return to him, but she is given the ultimatum that if she does she is no longer welcomed in her parent’s home.  Will Margaret continue to think on her own or will she cave and fall into submission?

Jane Ashford gives us a story of personal growth and learning to care for others.  I enjoyed the style of writing which flowed easily and kept the story alive.

Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/20r3AR5


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