The Highlander’s Woman by author Monica Burns

highlander woman

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The Highlander’s Woman is book 3 in the Reckless Rockwood Series by Monica Burns.  The characters are so deeply in love but with numerous secrets to overcome you can’t help but read on hoping for the happily ever after ending.

Lady Patience Rockwood MacTavish has a special gift …the gift of sight.  She begins to see images that make no sense and with no information to work with she continues to wait for their meaning to become clearer. In the meantime, her husband whom she loves soul deep begins to lie she believes him to be having an affair despite his denial of such happenings.  Patience leaves her husband to visit her family and to have time to think.  Tragedy strikes the family and the meaning behind some of the images she had been shown are revealed but with a cost not only to her and her siblings but to her husband.  In fear and guilt, Patience pushes him away repeatedly.

Julian MacTavish will love no other woman than his wife Patience, but when he is asked to keep a secret his wife believes him to be having an affair.  Hurt that she would do so; Julian becomes angry and allows her to leave him. When Julian hears how his wife has been manipulated into believing these lies, he sets out to discover who did it to prove himself innocent.  When he nearly loses Patience, Julian fights hard to hold on, but when faced with failure he leaves for his father’s home. Tragedy strikes again and the remaining pieces of Patience’s vision having meaning. Now Julian needs Patience by his side.

Julian and Patience are both stubborn and hurt but to make their way back to the love their shared they must bare their souls.  Ah, but Ms. Burns will not make it easy for her characters.  With twisted secrets and more than one love triangle to conquer will Julian and Patience admit they belong together or will they drift apart in their pain?

I truly enjoyed this book by Monica Burns and hope to read the remaining books in this series as well as others.


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