: The Legend of Obadiah Wilder: The Glorious Defeat of the Dickerson Gang (Cactus Creek Challenge) by author: Erica Vetsch

Publication Date: March 1, 2015 Publisher: Shiloh Run Studios

Publication Date:
          March 1, 2015
       Shiloh Run Studios

Erica Vetsch gives us this quick read as a history into Ben Wilder’s past as a prequel to her series “The Cactus Creek Challenge”.  In the prequel, Ben is a boy of 10 years and his father, a Civil War Veteran (a Yankee veteran specifically), is the Sheriff of Cactus Creek.

When an outlaw is shot and arrested by Obadiah for murder, the people of Cactus Creek run scared, all except for Obadiah Wilder.  A God-fearing man who stands by truth and his word given to keep the town safe, Obadiah meet the outlaw’s family in the middle of the street alone.

With odds against him, and a child taken hostage, Obadiah stands firm. At what cost?

Ben Wilder’s story continues in the Cactus Creek Challenge in which we will discover if his father’s honor, integrity, and stoic presence are traits he will also hold dear to himself.

The Cactus Creek Challenge, Ben Wilder’s own story, is now available.

Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/1WdlwjQ


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