“Going Home” by James Shipman

going home image

Amazon Link:    http://amzn.to/1WKWIQ0


James Shipman is a brilliant writer who draws the reader in so that they can connect with the characters and feel the story as if they were living it and not just reading it.  The emotions felt by the characters seem so real that your heart will ache for them and feel as if you know them yourself.  If you are a history buff, you will enjoy feeling the experiences of Joseph coming to life in your very hands.

“Going Home” is the story of Joseph Forsyth, the great-great grandfather of the author. I don’t know how much of the content is fiction created by author to fill voids and how much is based upon family stories, but I do know the character of Joseph is one I would be proud to claim as my ancestor if  I were James Shipman.  Joseph overcame surmountable obstacles within his lifetime with courage and stoicism.  He was loyal to family and friends no matter the situation and forever placed them before himself.  His self-sacrifice and hardworking ethics were an intricate part of whom he was and which set him apart from others.

James Shipman not only explored the life of his great-great grandfather but developed characters throughout the story that supported Joseph but also had their own stories the reader became a part of.  Within “Going Home” you read of arrogance, vengeance, pride, greed, selfishness, and unrequited love in these convoluted lives.  My favorite of these would be the Union nurse and doctor, Rebecca Walker and Thomas Johnston. I would gladly read a novel of these characters moving beyond Joseph’s life.

“Going Home” is an amazing story that shouldn’t be passed by.


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