The Brigadier’s Runaway Bride (Dukes of War Book 5) by Erica Ridley

   Publication Date:   September 1, 2015           Publisher:       Intrepid Reads

I loved this book so very much.  I was caught up in the emotional scars of each character and laughed at others.  I love the characters Ms. Ridley has created because she makes them real and provides authenticity to their lives.

Brigadier Edmund Blackpool is in love with Miss Sarah Fairfax but a pesky little matter such as a war comes between them.  Edmund purchases his commission in the military with his childhood friends.  He quickly moves up in ranks due to his military strategy planning.   Just before Waterloo, Sarah meets him in Bruges where Edmund proposes marriage and Sarah agrees.  This consequences of this night sets into motion events 8 months later.

Sarah has loved Edmund since they were children.  For her there is has never been another but when Edmund is listed as dead she agrees to wed his friend Ravenwood, so that her child will not be born a bastard.

Edmund arrives just in time to stop the wedding and announces that she is his and no others.  Sarah and Edmund both have their emotional trauma to combat in order for them to find a future as unexpected developments arise for them both.  With both loving the other, they must overcome their own fears and work together if they are to move forward.

Ms. Ridley is wonderful at creating her stories.  It is obvious she has either been around babies or has had them herself, especially a boy!  I laughed as I imagined her scene of the bath time and then again when Edmund and Sarah regale his brother, Bartholomew with stories.   I couldn’t put this book down until I finished it completely.

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