Switched at Marriage #6 In Sickness & In Wealth by Gina Robinson

  Publication Date:    August 26, 2015         Publisher:     Amazon Digital                      Services, Inc       Book Length:            84 Pages

Amazon Link:     http://amzn.to/20rP4sb

Justin and Kayla are back with another look into their lives with #6 in the series, “In Sickness & In Wealth.  In this installment Gina Robinson is moving us forward with the end in sight for these two characters. Ms. Robinson has us in suspense in wondering what will happen in the final book.  I love how Ms. Robinson uses the cake toppers as her covers and within the story giving a look in to what the installment will be about.

Justin and Kayla have finally admitted they love each other to themselves, but when will they tell the other?  Justin decides he wants to surprise Kayla with a honeymoon in Italy and shopping in Milan.  The shopping doesn’t go as he plans because Kayla has another secret.  Surprise!  While visiting Italy Justin and Kayla stop in to visit Justin’s parents and his brothers.  Will this trip bring them closer as a couple or will it cause Kayla to see the differences in Justin and his brothers? Will she decide she doesn’t want Justin because he isn’t a jock like them?

Justin is counting down the days until the blackmailer is caught and he is working hard to do just that!  Kayla is counting down the days for another reason.  When Kayla springs her surprise on Justin she isn’t sure what his reaction will be and is worried about how this new development will affect their agreement.  Kayla doesn’t want to say goodbye to Justin at the years end.

Just as things are going great, others interfere once again.  Justin notices a change in Opie, a questionable text comes through Kayla’s phone, the blackmailer makes contact and Lazar has another appearance.  When will these two have a happy ending?   


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