I Need A Hero by Emma Bennet

       Publication Date:             July 17, 2015

Publication Date:
         July 17, 2015

I have had the pleasure of reading Emma Bennet’s book, “His Secret Daughter” and truly enjoyed it.  In fact it has become one of my favorite re-reads!  Because of enjoying this previous story, I was excited to read this newest book, “I Need A Hero”.

I immediately found that reading this story was completely different from the other. It seemed to me that Ms. Bennet’s style of writing changed which fascinated me with both wondering why and how the story would turn out.  I can say I truly enjoyed this one just as much.

“I Need A Hero” is a story that we can all relate to in some fashion.  We have all wished for something so much and worked toward that goal that we have in some form or another lost sight of what was in front of us.  Bronte Huntington is a writer who has focused, dreamed and worked toward having that ultimate storybook hero sweep her off her feet in pure romance.  When Ryan moves in next door, Bronte can’t see herself falling for him…after all he is a dentist. What is romantic in dentistry? Then enters her romantic saving by Sebastian Fairfax…. a Lord no less.

Ryan loves Bronte but fearing he has lost her to the title and wealth of a Lord he isn’t sure what to do knowing he can’t compete.  When Ryan and Bronte’s best friend, Camille, become close Bronte is finally jolted in seeing what has always been in front of her eyes.  Does she want to spend her life with Sebastian or Ryan?  If it is Ryan, is she too late or has Ryan decided he wants Camille?

A wonderful story by Emma Bennet that is full of fun, but also some heartfelt emotion that we can all understand and sympathize with.  I recommend this book along with her previous title, “His Secret Daughter”.

Amazon Link:      http://amzn.to/1sNcXjS


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