The Baron’s Quest (The Barons of the Cinque Port Series Book 1)

      Publication Date:           July 28, 2015

Publication Date:
July 28, 2015

One of the reasons I enjoy Elizabeth Rose as an author is the fact she is so versatile in her genres.  I have read her Medieval, Westerns and contemporary stories and enjoyed all of them.  I also find the more she writes her style takes on more depth for her characters and her story lines.

In Baron’s Quest, we meet two people who are so different not only in station but in how they deal with life.  Nicholas Vaughn is a Baron of the Cinque Ports and serves the King by monitoring taxes and transporting his soldiers for 15 days a year. Nicholas is a second son, who through battle proved himself to the King and acquired his position.  Not on overly friendly terms with his family, Nicholas doesn’t understand love and with this being a historical romance that is a shame indeed.

Muriel Draper is a merchant’s daughter, one who isn’t a peasant nor is she a noble woman.  When her father dies, she battles the guild in order to keep her father’s business going and secure the only home she and her brother have.  With mounting debt, Muriel isn’t afraid to combat the men in charge to do what she must to survive.  Elizabeth Rose has definitely created a feisty, smart and courageous woman in Muriel Draper.

Nicholas and Muriel can’t fight the attraction to each other as they grow closer.  As their stations and others deceit cause problems, Nicholas and Muriel must decide what they want from life and each other. Will they make sacrifices to remain together and forge a life as one, or will those sacrifices be to move on without the other?

As a first in a new series by Elizabeth Rose, I am already captivated and eager to read the next book.


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