The Formidable Lord Quentin- By author Patricia Rice

        Publication Date:           March 24. 2015

Publication Date:
March 24. 2015

Patricia Rice envelopes the reader in a story of greed, family honor, and unrequited love.

Lady Bell has always been responsible for others.  As a child she had to take care of her siblings as her alcoholic father left them destitute.  Sacrificing her dreams, she married a man she did not love but would aid her family and in exchange she made herself into the perfect Marchioness.

With the death of her husband, Lady Bell finds that he had ignored the requests of his own family in need.  Using her funds, Lady Bell dowers his female relatives in order to aid them in acquiring proper husbands.  Lady Bell has the assistance of Lord Quentin, a relative of her husband’s, who she sees as the only man she would want if she indeed decided to.

Lord Quentin has wanted Lady Bell since he first laid eyes on her over 10 earlier.  When the lady’s husband dies, Lord Quentin sees his way to making himself indispensable to Lady Bell.  It isn’t until the lady’s own siblings are brought to her that Lord Quentin is able to slowly seduce his way closer to her.  When Lady Bell is threatened with the losing the guardianship of her siblings to his father, Lord Quentin tries to win her hand in marriage by standing in his father’s way.

Faced with greed by Lady Bell’s family and Lord Quentin’s father, the two must come together to save their families.  As stubbornness gives way to long buried feelings, the two must fight all to be together.

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