Honorable Intentions- By Author Susette Williams

       Publication Date:       October 29,  2013

Publication Date:
October 29, 2013

Susette Williams is an author who writes sweet, heartwarming stories.  I have had the privilege of not only reading Honorable Intentions, but also her Mail Order Brides series which I highly recommend.

Honorable Intentions is an inspirational story centered on the theme of forgiveness-not only the forgiveness we seek from God but also the forgiveness from those we have caused harm and most importantly in some cases the forgiveness of ourselves.

Brand Stanford made a mistake when he was younger.  That mistake was a choice he made between someone who meant more to him than he could admit and his honor.  His choice left him betrayed.  For 10 years he lived with the betrayal while trying to make the best of his life.

Tessa Duggan loved Brand since they were children.  When Brand made his choice he didn’t know he would be setting in to motion Tessa’s future as well. Tessa tried to remain friends with Brand over the years while guarding her own secret.  Through faith in God, Tessa lived her life with her son.

Brand and Tessa are brought together through tragedy.  As Tessa watches Brand struggle with his faith in God, she must also lean on her own trust as her secret comes out.  Can these two souls put their trust and faith in God to take care of them?  Will they not only ask for forgiveness but will they be able to accept that forgiveness?  Will they forgive themselves?

I truly enjoyed reading this wonderful inspiring story of love and forgiveness.  I do wish there was a little more depth to the betrayal and the cost they had to endure, but overall this was a very good book by Susette Willams.

Amazon Link:   http://amzn.to/1WdrEsn


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