Switched at Marriage #5 For Richer, For Richest- By Author Gina Robinson

Due out Soon!- Publication Date August 5, 2015

Due out Soon!- Publication Date August 5, 2015

Switched at Marriage For Richer, For Richest is the fifth book in a series by author Gina Robison about two people who pretend to be married.  This is a fun series to read with each book captivating you a little more toward the awaited end.

Justin and Kayla were college friends.  Justin had always loved Kayla, but being shy and younger than she due to his entering college at the age of 16, Kayla never noticed him for more than the friend he was.  Kayla instead dated Eric, a jock and nemesis of Justin.  Justin quickly excelled in college and soon launched his own company which had him soaring into the billionaire club.

Kayla finds herself at a crossroad in life when she is blindsided receiving divorce papers when she isn’t even married.  Arriving at the divorce meeting, she is surprised to hear she is married and specifically to Justin.  Justin explains an imposter has created their marriage and for business purposes they must appear as a happily married couple for the next year and at the end of that year, Kayla will be wonderfully compensated.

As Justin and Kayla enter into this conspiracy, Justin is diligently tracking the imposter.  Kayla and Justin continue their dance of pretense to their friends, family and associates while each day they both begin to question their motives and feelings.  Justin is in love with Kayla and doesn’t want her to go.  Kayla likes Justin and slowly sees a side of him she never knew. Together they have faced family opposition, threats from the opposite sex and personal attacks on their motives.

As the imposter closes in to exposing their ruse, Justin and Kayla fight to show their love is true to everyone else.  But who do they have to prove it to more, their admirers or themselves?  As this book closes with another cliffhanger you can’t help but hope and cheer for Justin and Kayla.

Amazon Link:   http://amzn.to/1qFkleZ


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