With This Kiss – By author Victoria Lynne

Published  June 30, 2010

Published June 30, 2010

The author has created a historical romance that is chocked full of intrigue and lust while placing a spin on the childhood story of Beauty and the Beast.  She easily grasps the differences in strong and weak characters and how the human mind works whether sane or not.

Morgan St. James is an alpha male who once was a well-known rake of town who took his life for granted.  During an evening of horrific events, he is catapulted into a life he never imagined.  With nightmares haunting him at night and his own guilt tearing him down during the day, Morgan St. James exists in a state of sullen dispiritedness.

Julia Prentisse needs the beast to keep from having to accept an arranged marriage made by her uncle.  Julia is a woman far ahead of her times.  She writes a newspaper article under an anonymous name seeking reform of conditions the poor must live and work in.  Through this article, Julia has gained information regarding the events that changed Morgan St James’ life. Julia seeks Morgan to marry her and effectively saving her from her uncle’s plans while vowing to help him find his own answers.

Morgan and Julia find themselves stalked by a madman.  Will they be able to stop him?  Will they admit their feelings for one another before it is too late?

Amazon Link:   http://amzn.to/20rXZKj


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