Promises Kept- By Author Scarlett Dunn

Publication Date: August 25, 2015

Publication Date: August 25, 2015

Victoria Eastman has given up on God and her prayers.  Instead she focuses on taking care of Cade and Cody, twins that she rescued.  With a past full of pain and despair, she feels God has forgotten her and her dreams of a home will never come true..

Victoria places an advertisement for a husband who would serve as a father to the boys, but she doesn’t expect anything for herself. When she gets an answer from a farmer she believes he is the one and makes arrangements to travel to meet him.

Colt McBride first sees Victoria in St. Louis, Missouri when he travels there when his uncle passes.  While having lunch Colt notices Victoria and she leaves a lasting impression on this bachelor.  Colt never expected to see her show up at his neighbors with intentions on marrying.

Colt and Victoria grow more attracted to each other as together they face trials they weren’t expecting.   Colt draws on his faith in God to get through while Victoria believes God doesn’t care.  But God does care and she will finally realize God has answered her prayers when she wasn’t looking.

Scarlett Dunn writes a great story centering on love and faith. She paints a story showing that even during the times we may have let that faith go dormant God has not left us.

This is the first in what looks to be a series. The next book will be about Colt’s brother, Jake McBride.

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