The Prince and I- By Author Karen Hawkins



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Publication Date: August  25, 2015

Karen Hawkins is one of the leading historical Romance authors around.  Her books are full of witty comments, adventure, and of course romance.  Not to mention her characters are so wonderful you feel that you can step into their shoes.

:”The Prince and I” is a retelling of the classic story of Robin Hood and his merry men.  In this story Robin Hood isn’t a man nor is his band a group of just merry men.  Karen Hawkins puts a spin on things placing women in these roles.  A true inspiration showing what a group of women can accomplish together!

Max and his men are soldiers, tried and true with experience to back them.  They believe the women can’t possibly handle the bad guy without them. Surprise!  Max finds out differently. Murian and Max fight together when they find they share the same enemy.  While scheming and working alongside of each other, Max and Murian fall in love, but believe they have no future together; after all they are a Prince from Oxenburg and a displaced Scottish Lady.

Luckily for them, Tata Natasha is on the scene.  You can’t help but fall for this spirited woman as she teaches everyone that age doesn’t mean anything.  I love her grit!  She made me laugh many times, but her most memorable line for me was “I feel like I am in a novel”.

As right and wrong clash, secrets culminate with an impassioned end.

A fantastic read that I enjoyed from beginning to end and was disappointed when I finished.  But never fear Tata Natasha has set course with more adventures!


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